Theatre Reviews

Journey to the Centre of the Earth:

'Kari, Stephanie and Smari are world class comedy actors and it's evident that the characters have been created with love and care'.

Gudrun Baldvinsdottir for Channel 1- Ruv- Vidsja

'The casts' listening is remarkable and you can tell how they've let their imagination run free'... 'the show deserves no less than 5 stars'... Journey to the Centre of the Earth is a monumental show for the Icelandic theatre scene'.

Gunnstein Sigurdsson for Jokull News

Don Quixote:

Stephanie Lewis’s transformations between Rocinante to Dulcinea are brilliant and it is this duality, so pivotal to the experience of the show, which resonates in you for hours after viewing it.’

Josey De Rossi, for Fringe Review

Stephanie Lewis embodies the subject of the Don’s desire with a ghostly ethereal beauty that at times blurs into hints of Shakespeare’s Ophelia. In a surprisingly effective doubling up of roles, Lewis also plays Quixote’s trusty steed Rocinante, her slender frame evoking a nag well past her prime...’


‘ ...The other equine role, that of Sancho Panza’s donkey is performed by Tommy Scott, and with effective use of Lewis’ flowing locks, and cleverly deployed wooden spoons as the donkey’s ears, the two quadrupeds are touchingly evoked on a fraction of the War Horse budget!’

Jonathan Grant, for The Public Reviews


         Delighted to reveal the trailer for family comedy feature film             'The Manners'. Stephanie plays Etiquette Manners.

Happy to announce that Stephanie has been nominated for 'Best Performance' in 'Happy Anniversary' at Screentest: The UK's National Student Film Festival. 

Stephanie is back in the UK after performing the theatre adaptation of  'Journey to the Centre of the Earth' in Iceland.

'WOK' had it's red carpet Premiere screening at Picturehouse Central. It was a wonderful night!

Post production has commenced for the film 'Kraken' shot in Iceland and directed by Christopher Kanal. Stephanie can be seen playing the lead role of Agnes.

'Shadow of The Dragon Lady' directed by Gary Morecambe will soon be touring film festivals. Stephanie underwent intensive fight training to prepare for the role of Meixang.

Comedy TV pilot 'WOK' is soon to be released. Stephanie is playing the role of Rachel. 







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